Dedicated Server Tutorial

Using Dedicated Hosting For Your Website


For busy, resource-intensive sites, dedicated server hosting is often the best choice. A dedicated server is the opposite of shared web hosting - as the name implies, the client has an entire server dedicated to his site or sites.

Dedicated Server Advantages:

  • Performance - on your own server, you can be confident that no "neighbor" will affect your site's performance by consuming large amounts of bandwidth or server resources.
  • Reliability - reliability problems like downtime and frequent reboots are often caused by rogue scripts; on your own server, you'll have control over the software and won't be taken down by someone else's poor code.
  • Control - often, site owners want to control server functions to achieve particular search engine optimization objectives. Redirection, URL rewriting, etc. are sometimes more difficult to accomplish in a shared arrangement. A dedicated server lets one configure all server settings as desired.
  • Multi-site capacity - if you have several sites you need to host, you may be able to combine them on your dedicated server while still maintaining excellent performance.

Dedicated Server Disadvantages:

  • High Cost - the capacity and control of a dedicated server comes at a price. Nevertheless, many web hosts offer economical dedicated options on smaller or older servers.
  • Less Management - Athough it isn't always the case, usually dedicated servers offer less management and support from the web host. (This varies greatly by hosting company!). This means that the site owner will be responsible for more aspects of administering the server and will probably have to have at least limited admin skills for Linux servers or Windows servers.
  • Fewer Free Features - Since dedicated servers are geared toward more experienced site owners, the web host is less likely to preinstall helpful scripts like forms, shopping cards, discussion forums, etc. (Most of these functions are available at little or no cost from open source or commercial software sites, but the site owner will have to install them.)

There are huge differences in quality, support, and included services between hosts, so it's important to do your homework when choosing a dedicated server provider. Back to Web Hosting Tutorial.


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