Rithmix - a demonstration of current algorithm trends. Brought to you by AIM-pro.com .
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Rithmix (TM)
"Feel the Rithm!"

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    Rithmix and the Search Engines.


    Rithmix is a section of pages designed to help webmasters and promoters to understand the basics of algorithm analysis techniques. The reason that we are teaching the analysis techniques rather than simply giving you a list of algorithm secrets is that algorithms change constantly while the techniques to analyze them do not.

    Simply put, this section should never become outdated no matter how the various algorithms are changed and updated. These pages will help you to spot trends and gain the 'secrets' to high rankings.

    It is absolutely vital that you read and understand the usage and rules of Rithmix before you continue. Rithmix is best used with understanding of exactly what it is and can be used for. Likewise, for this pages to remain relevant there are rules that must be known.

    Remember that Rithmix is an aid to learning, not a set of templates. Remember also that responsible use of the lessons learned are essential to long-term success in E-commerce and web-promotion.

    The old saw "Content is King" is as true today as it always was. The proper use of this section is to study how the search engine algorithms regard various aspects of the presentation of that content. There is no replacement for content in simple repetitions of keywords.

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