Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


While it is possible to write books about search engine optimization, or SEO for short, (and many people have!), understanding the concept is simple enough. SEO is the name for a broad set of activities intended to achieve higher rankings in keyword queries on search engines.

Originally, SEO was a simple concept - it involved mostly adjusting the content and structure of a page to achieve the perfect mix of keyword usage so that the page would rank well. Submitting the page to search engines was also important.

Today, search engine optimization is far more complex. While tweaking individual pages is still important, now the SEO must be involved in site architecture, developing links from other sites, orchestrating multi-site strategies, and much more. Now, at least as much optimization takes place off-site as on-site.

Search engine optimization can be considered an "arms race" with search engines - as aggressive SEOs find ways to exploit the algorithms of the search engines, the latter continue to develop and implement new technologies and more sophisticated algorithms. Optimizers, of course, work to rank well in the new schemes, keeping the race alive.

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