If people are occasionally confused by what a blog is, there's a reason. While a blog is often identified with a specific type of website, there are others who use it to refer to anything created with blog software. We'll try to make the necessary distinctions here.

Most often, a blog refers to a website (or sometimes a part of a website) that has content posted by one or several authors, and which allows comments from visitors on these posts. Often, the content is displayed in date order, with the most recent content highest on the page.

The earliest blogs were often personal journals, composed mostly of trivia and random musings. Over time, blogs have morphed into a powerful communication tool, and we now have technology blogs, political blogs, etc. Many of these have become major destination sites and the center for large communities.

While some blogs still thrive on short posts, others generate sophisticated editorial content, statistics, etc.

Tools like Blogger, Movable Type, and WordPress have made blogging easily accessible to non-technical people. This has led to the use of blog software in more creative ways, such as a simple CMS (content management system). These sites may not resemble traditional blogs, even though blog software is used to create them.

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