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Welcome to AIM-pro. AIM-pro began when a group of webmasters and online marketeers discussed the problems of the business in a forum. It was apparent to all that the search engines' efforts to prevent 'spammers' and unethical marketeers from making a mockery of the indexes was resulting in rules and guidelines that made it almost impossible for genuine marketeers to properly promote their sites.  

Although the original vision of a trade group proved to be unworkable, some great content was created to help web marketing professionals. Since those early years, the help features here at AIM-pro have been updated and expanded. We continue to add new content related to search engine optimization, web marketing, and more. One of our major new features is the Web Marketing Glossary.

The content on this site has been developed over the years, but several contributors are worthy of special note: Ammon Johns (aka Black Knight), Bob Cardana, Seth Wilde, Roger Dooley, Phil Craven, Tommi Neuvonen, Tony Burt, and other early members were instrumental in developing the early content.

As AIM-pro grows as a resource for all internet marketing professionals, its tutorials and glossary continue to grow. If you would like to submit an article or other content, please contact us. Be sure to visit some of our newest resources:

Web Marketing Glossary
Web Marketing Tutorials
Web Hosting Tutorial


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